Simple Tricks to Keep Your Champagne and Sparkling Wine Bubbly


Many people uncork a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. And whenever there’s bubbly, everyone is happy. Except, of course, when you’ve opened one too many bottles and the people are left drinking flat champagne or no-longer-sparkling wine. You must be sure and quite committed when you open a bottle of bubbly. But, if you know how to keep your drinks bubbly, then there’s no reason for you to be shy about opening bottles. 

Today, we’re going to explore a few simple tricks to keep your drinks the way they should be. Here’s what you need to know:

Keep Bottles in the Right Place

Storing your bottle in a cool and dark place will help keep your champagne fizzy. If you store it in a warm place, it will ferment, which results in a loss of carbon dioxide. I bet you’ve been guilty of this one. How many times have you been in a rush and opened your bottle or bottles of bubbly in a less than ideal place? Save yourself the trouble and store them in the right place.

Store the Bottles Upside Down

Did you know that champagne tastes better when stored upside down? It sounds weird, but it’s true. If you keep your bottle upright, the yeast settles in the bottom of the bottle, and your bubbly will have a cloudy appearance. However, if you store it upside down, this will prevent the yeast from settling. If you find it hard to store your bottles upside down, then you could just shake the bottle for a few minutes. It will get things moving.

Do Not Go Shaking the Bottles

That’s right. You should not shake your bottles. Shaking is for a different type of drink. Shaking your bottle will carbonate it and will cause the cork to break. So, if you want to keep your bubbly cold, just place it in the fridge, shake it from time to time, and drink it at the right temperature.

Keep the Bottle Ice Cold, But Don’t Freeze it

Yes, you should keep the bottle ice cold, but you should not freeze the bottle. Sounds contradictory? It’s true. The ideal temperature for good champagne is 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit, but freezing the bottle will cause the glass to crack and the cork to break. You want to keep it ice cold, but not freezing cold.

Don’t Use Ice Cubes

Speaking of ice, you should not use ice cubes in your champagne or sparkling wine. Ice cubes will expose your drink to air and will cause it to oxidise. Then, you will not be able to keep it bubbly. You’ll just get flat champagne.

Keep the Cork Dry

If you want to keep your champagne or sparkling wine bubbly, you should keep the cork dry. If you plan on keeping it at the right temperature, then you’ll want to keep the cork dry. While you may not be able to do this, you can at least try to avoid getting the cork wet. You can do this by keeping a napkin or cloth that protects the cork.

Don’t Open the Bottle til’ You’re Ready to Drink it

You should only open the bottle when you’re ready to drink it. Ideally, you should open it an hour or so before you plan to serve it. This will allow you to let it breathe. Again, these are just simple tricks to keep your drinks bubbly.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to keep your champagne bubbly and store it, you can enjoy the taste of champagne in its best state. Serve it right away, but keep it ice cold. If you need to store it in the fridge, make sure to do it properly.

Enjoying great champagne is one of the best parts of life. However, it’s also one of the hardest things to keep bubbly. If you have a great bottle that you’re planning on drinking soon, keep these helpful tips in mind. 

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