Canned Sparkling wine

Enjoy Quello, the Italian sparkling white wine in a can.

Naturally fermented, Quello is a gently sparkling white wine from Italy that you can take anywhere.

Produced by blending Italy’s Trebbiano and Pagadebit grapes, this refreshingly sparkling wine is temptation in a can – perfect for any occasion, wherever you are.

Our deliciously crispy and zesty wine comes in slim, convenient, recyclable single serve 200ml cans.

Worried about drinking canned wine? Don’t. Quello is made without compromising on quality. We’ve carefully chosen wine that works incredibly well in a can. This Italian fizzy wine is literally just great wine, from great winemakers, conveniently packaged in a can.

No fuss. No waste. Great tasting. Simply pull the ring and enjoy.




Canned sparkling white wine you say?

Quello’s founder, Roberta Sergio, drew on her two decades of wine-making experience when she created Quello, a gently sparkling white wine from Italy, in single-serve, recyclable cans.

Produced in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, Quello is the result of Roberta’s collaboration with one of the best consortia of Italian producers, who have been wine farming and wine making for over 60 years.

The combination of first-class production methods, a deep understanding of grape blending and the latest laboratory research and analysis, ensures that Quello’s taste and quality are exceptional.

Try it for yourself.

Quello’s 100% recyclable cans have set trends, induced giggles, raised eyebrows and enchanted free-spirited folk across the UK and beyond.

No fuss. Just great sparkling wine, in a can!


What we stand for

With quality, origin, sustainability, and convenience at the heart of our business, our style is much like the wine: fun, crisp and sharp. We bring Italian effervescence to free-spirited folk, around the world, through our single-serve cans.

"It's wine in a freakin' can"
Time Out London


We believe quality isn't just about offering a product or service that meets the standard; it's about delivering you an experience that you want to repeat.


We are incredibly proud of our Italian roots. We’re feisty, fizzy, fun and frivolous, like all the best Italian things.


We believe that sustainability means a commitment to both the environment and biodiversity. Which is why our cans are 100% recyclable and our grapes are 100% Italian.


Our cans couldn’t be more convenient. Perfect for a picnic, or a night in front of the TV. Lightweight to transport, easy to stock, quick to chill and great for mixology.

Get Inspired

Drink it straight

Enjoy Quello straight from the can or pour it into a glass..

Make it bitter

Add Aperol or Campari or whatever you like.

Make it sweet

Add your favourite juice. We made a classic Mimosa with orange juice.

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