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With Quello, you get a mighty fine award-winning, semi-sparkling wine that can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere, because unlike other wines, Quello comes in a can, leaving you a ring pull and a sip away from an exceptional new wine drinking experience.

The first award winning wine in a can 🥂 The first award winning wine in a can 🥂 The first award winning wine in a can 🥂 The first award winning wine in a can

Quello Starter Box

A case of 12 single-serve cans of our naturally-fermented, award-winning, semi-sparkling wine. Best paired with laughter. And the perfect gift for the fridge in your life.

Tasting Notes Green Apples and Peaches 🍑 Refreshing and Zesty Finish 🍏 Tasting Notes Green Apples and Peaches 🍑 Refreshing and Zesty Finish 🍏

Quello Party Case

A case of 24 single-serve cans of our naturally- fermented, award-winning, semi-sparkling wine. The perfect accompaniment to festivals, picnics, barbeques or anywhere else you party.

The equivalent of two bottles.


Trebbiano & Pagadebit

Our Story

Quello was born out of a lifelong love affair between an Italian woman and her wine.

The Italian woman is Roberta, and the Italian wine is Quello. Having dedicated her life to making wine, selling wine, and importing wine, Roberta saw an opportunity to break down barriers and make the fine wine she loved so much more accessible and more fun for everyone that can be enjoyed anywhere.

So out went the bottles, the corks and any hint of pretentious wine-speak and in their place came wine in a can, with a unicorn on the label and a sense of mischief and joy in its heart.

This is no ordinary wine either. Here is a blend of the Trebbiano and the Pagadebit grapes from the renowned wine-growing region of Emilia-Romagna. Let to ferment naturally, the result is a gently sparkling, low acidic wine that is crisp and zesty. Like a classy Prosecco.

Not only was this one of the first wines to come in a cheeky can, but first one to win an award at the International Wine Challenge in 2017 and 2022.

Cheers to a better way of doing things

While we’re all about finding the fun in life and sharing laughter and good Ames with friends, we do take some things seriously.

First and foremost is how we make our wine.
We work with a community of independent wine producers in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Who use traditonal methods and natural fermentation to make a completely natural wine without the introduction of C02.

The whole process, a commitment to sustainability, the environment and biodiversity.

We’re also proud that our little cans, which took months and months to create, are 100% recyclable and have none of the inherent problems of glass bottles. As well as being quick to chill.


There are loads of reasons, but the main one is convenience. Each slimline can is a single-serve (200ml), so you don’t need to drink, or even worse, waste the whole bottle in one go.

Plus, corked wine will never be an issue because there is no cork. Corked wine is when the cork has been contaminated with a compound called TCA, or to give it it’s full name, trichloronanisole, which makes wine undrinkable.

There’s no risk of oxidation or reduction because wine in a can isn’t exposed to light or air.

And when it comes to storage, there are fewer breakages, it’s easier to store and quicker to chill.

It’s the law. Yep, under EU law, sparkling wine has to be bottled at a pressure between 3-6bar, needs a mushroom cork that’s wrapped in wire and must be naturally fermented. 

While we’re naturally fermented, we’re below 3bar (2.5bar, should you be wondering). This means we can be called semi-sparkling or frizzante. 

Yes. Unlike many other wines, we use betonite clay and kaoline clay to trap the yeast, tannins, and protein-based particles during the filtration process. 

Less than Prosecco is the hot news. Prosecco tends to come in at a hefty 14gr/l, Whereas Quello is expertly blended to use the natural sugars in the grape to a minimum quality of 5.5) g/l of sugar. That’s less than 60 calories per can!

Quello undergoes a flash pasteurisation process that allows us to use considerably fewer sulphites and still remain stable, with no protein residual or risk of fermentation.

Nope. Although we first launched here. Since then, we are sold in France, Netherlands and Sweden. With interest from Japan, South Korea, the US, West African countries and Israel. So, world domination is looking good.

Get in touch with Roberta, right now by calling her on 0044 (0) 7908 215065 or by sending over an email to hello@quellosparklingwine.com.








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