About Quello

Sparkling white wine in slim, exquisitely designed 200ml cans.

To make Quello, we blended Trebbiano and Pagadebit grapes, both from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, and allowed them to ferment naturally. We added no carbon dioxide and no glycerin. In fact we added nothing at all except the can.

quello / kwɛl'əʊ /

n. sparkling Italian wine made from
a blend of grapes.
adj. refreshing; zesty; exhilarating.

The Story

All extraordinary stories start with a young girl from a small town, a barrel of grapes and an imaginary unicorn, right? Well, that’s how the tale of Quello begins.

Following many happy summers stomping grapes with local winemakers in her village in the heartland of Emilia Romagna, Roberta moved to the UK with her unicorn and big dreams of sharing her Italian heritage with the world.

Working in the wine industry for almost a decade, she found the sparkling wine scene stuffy and pretentious. Roberta wanted to support independent producers and rich diversity in wine, not just submit to the latest trends. So, she brought her unicorn to life in Haggerston and boldly began blending her favourite homegrown wine — the celebrated Trebbiano and undiscovered Pagadebit, and added a sparkling twist.

Offering a refreshing alternative to the pomposity of Prosecco, Quello brings beautiful bubbles to free-spirited folk in a single-serve can. Why? Because drinking good sparkling wine should be enjoyable, and you needn’t be a connoisseur to appreciate the fine flavours.

With sustainability at the heart of the venture, Quello is naturally fermented and canned without compromising taste or quality. The illustrated cans are 100% recyclable, and guaranteed to raise eyebrows and induce giggles at any picnic, barbeque or music festival.

Pick up a can for yourself — you’ll see that everything’s better with bubbles. Saluti!

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