Here’s Why Canned Wines Are Better Than Bottled Ones


Some wine purists may cringe at the thought of wine in a can, but these wine purists are likely the same people who believed screw caps on wine bottles were a fad that would harm the wine’s quality more than a decade ago. 

Screw caps on wine bottles have become commonplace in nearly two decades. Why? Because they provide convenience while having no negative impact on wine quality. 

In the same way, canned wine is a relatively novel concept quickly gaining popularity. Read on to learn about the top reasons cans are preferable to bottles.


To begin with, cans chill down faster because they are a smaller format (less volume to chill down) and have a thinner wall, which means that any temperature changes are translated to their contents a lot faster than in glass.

Similarly, cans can now be placed upright on any shelf in the fridge, eliminating the need to find space in the fridge door. They also have a smaller footprint, so you can fit a couple on each shelf if necessary without completely reorganising your fridge. Perfect for parties or when the refrigerator bursts at the seams around the holidays!

Fast Delivery

Because cans are lighter and do not shatter like glass, they can be shipped anywhere quickly. Your lucky recipient will receive their gift sooner and in a more secure manner.


Cans are excellent for obstructing all light. This means that light cannot interfere with the wine inside, resulting in a fresher product and, in some cases, the ability to use fewer preservatives.

Single Serve

Wine in a can helps with portion control. You do not need to worry about opening a bottle to enjoy a single glass of wine. Let’s face it, you have had a stale glass of wine from an open bottle or ‘polished off a bottle’ just to prevent it from becoming waste. Think about that bottle of sparkling wine that has gone flat because you did not finish it in one sitting.

Space for Storytelling

The winemaker can tell you more about their story and the wine through a can. The winemaker’s story can now be printed on the entire label rather than just the front and back. Add to that the space available on the four pack wrap, and you have plenty of room to learn about the product you’re enjoying.


Cans are lighter than bottles, requiring less energy to transport when compared to glass. Second, cans take up less space than bottles, allowing more volume (in litres) to be added to a pallet. Both of these reduce the carbon footprint of freight (per litre of wine), making cans more environmentally friendly. 

When compared to glass, cans have a higher recycling rate. Furthermore, metal cans are entirely recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely with no performance loss. On the other hand, glass loses quality when recycled and can become cloudy. This is one of the reasons for the various colours of glass. Colour is added to the glass as it is recycled to combat the hazy appearance over subsequent recycling cycles.


Instead of a single bottle, you can get a variety of wines for the same price. This means you can sample a variety of wines rather than just one. This is useful not only for tasting wines yourself but also for giving wine as a gift. Your loved one will be able to sample a variety of wines and be spared the agony of deciding which wine to purchase.

These are just some of the top reasons canned wines are better, and they are definitely worth the try!

For the best canned wine, check out Quello, a naturally fermented, gently sparkling white wine produced in Italy and packaged in slim, recyclable single-serve 200ml cans. Quello can be found in restaurants, bars, hotels and shops across Europe. Get in touch with us today!

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