Why this Italian sparkling wine has got everyone talking…

Wine in a can

Have you heard about Quello – the UK’s most influential wine in a can, promoting sustainability and fun? Quello offers something exciting: Italian sparkling wine that can be enjoyed on the go. Here is everything you need to know about the new face on the Italian wine scene:

Made the authentic way; enjoyed the easy way

This sparkling canned wine is produced by effectively blending Italy’s Trebbiano and Pagadebit grapes, creating a gently sparkling white wine that is naturally fermented. We are extremely proud of the roots of our Italian sparkling wine, made using the biggest cooperative in Italy with over 6000 producers. These producers have been proudly making wine for over 60 years, meaning their production methods are first class. This, combined with dedicated research, ensures that the quality and taste of our Italian sparkling wine is second to none.

A free-spirited Italian sparkling wine

At Quello, we have set trends with our free-spirited packaging, positioning us as quite possibly the best canned sparkling wine out there. Quello is not just a product, it’s an experience. Designed to be enjoyed with others, whether it is drunk in a park, on the beach or at a festival, wine is no longer an exclusive beverage, we encourage it to be enjoyed by everyone. Our Italian sparkling wine is carefree, light and easy to transport in bulk. It is also great for mixology use, allowing our customers to have fun and be creative.

Quality is first class

Quality is one of our brand’s most important values – our fizzy wine in a can challenges the stuffiness of the wine industry but doesn’t compromise on quality. It is refreshing, zesty and crisp – just the way good wine should be.

No-fuss. No waste.

We also promote sustainability with our white wine in a can. All our 200ml single-serve cans are 100% recyclable, due to our commitment to reducing wine waste in an effort to protect the environment and increase biodiversity.

At Quello, we keep origin, sustainability and quality at our heart while offering a customer experience that is above and beyond.

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