Sparkling White Wine Drinking Errors to Avoid on Holidays

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Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and several other parties this holiday season have quite a number of things in common, but the main would probably be a lovely and bubbly drink. A glass of sparkling white wine can be so delectable to have all throughout the night, especially as you catch up with friends and family that you haven’t seen in quite a while.

However, all that time spent alone might have made you forget certain etiquette and mistakes with drinking sparkling white wine. The last thing you want would be to make a couple of errors on such a special night and risk making yourself seem like a fool.

To jog your memory, here are some common sparkling white wine errors to avoid on holidays:

1) Mistaking Labels

One of the most common transgressions when it comes to drinking sparkling white wine would be the label that you bestow upon it. Some often place every sparkling white wine under the umbrella term of “champagne”, regardless of whether it is or not.

While champagne is technically considered a white wine, it’s a very specific variation of it. Champagne is produced in France, with the labels reserved and regulated by French law. Be meticulous when checking the label, and avoid calling every bottle of white wine as champagne.

2) Serving It Cold

Most people may revel in a cold drink during this holiday season, but most sparkling white wines aren’t really ideal at such a temperature. Any bubbly bottle like prosecco or even semi-sparkling white wines is best under 50 degrees.

However, some also make the grave mistake of serving the sparkling white wine at room temperature, dulling the whole liquid out. Consider chilling the bottles for a bit, but it’s paramount to let them out shortly before serving. At least 15 minutes would provide that ideal sweet spot.

3) Wrong Pairing

Sparkling white wine isn’t the only consumable thing at the party, especially as the festivities demand meals that are full of grandeur. If you are the host, remember that pairing an alcoholic beverage with your appetisers and entrees will be rather important.

Sweets don’t go with sparkling white wine, so opt for something saltier instead. Some caviar, crisps and popcorn can be quite delightful throughout the night. For the main course, consider smoked salmon and a salty cheese board to go with it.

4) Bad Glass Matching

Although it is a subtle mistake, the choice of glass is something that you’d want to pay attention to when serving and drinking sparkling white wine as well. Tulip flutes with a narrower opening and round bowl are much more ideal than wider wine glasses. This is because petite glasses hold the fizz and bubbles much better than other glasses.

5) Overtly Fussing 

Lastly, one error that you can make with sparkling white wine is getting too caught up with preparing for it. As long as you have a bubbly bottle, safely open it with a cloth and completely relish it with the ones you hold dear, there’s no better way to spend the holidays. Just sip and enjoy the flavours and fun.

Understanding the mistakes can be pretty good preparation for a night of celebration, but don’t forget the reason for everyone coming along. A glass of sparkling white wine that’s enjoyed with friends and family should overcome any mistake.

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