Quello: Sparkling Wine In A Can

Wine In A Can

Are you fed up of hanging around wine connoisseurs at parties? Don’t really know the difference between a ‘full-bodied’ and a ‘perceived sharpness?’ Couldn’t care less if it was the south-east of a region or the south-west?

That’s where Quello sparkling wine comes in. A simple white wine in a can that tastes great!

With Quello, it’s easy. Simple. We’re fed up of all that mumbo-jumbo surrounding wine and we want to take it back to its roots (literally).

Without compromising on quality, we craft Quello from Trebbiano and Pagadebit grapes – in normal speak, they’re good quality grapes from a small independent winemaker in Italy.

Naturally fermented until there are just enough bubbles, our wine is instantly transferred and stored in cans once it’s ready to ensure impeccable taste.

A light, fruity and refreshing taste, our wine comes in a single-use 200ml can. It’s light, transportable and easy to dispose of (without causing harm to the environment). Perfect for when you’re on the go, off to a festival and/or party, or even for a weekend away – it’s always the perfect option when it comes to bubbly wine in a can.

Aren’t cans bad for the environment?

With Quello, no. Our cans are 100% recyclable, so you don’t need to feel guilty about drinking. No fuss. No waste. Just good tasting wine.

Does wine in a can taste good?

Quello has secured bronze for the International Wine Challenge and even featured in the Evening Standard and London Timeout Magazine for our Italian sparkling wine.

Where I can purchase Quello?

If you’ve not already seen us in restaurants, hotels or bars across Europe, then you have probably seen us in UK retailers or online. From Selfridges to Cost Co and Whole Foods Supermarket, we’re available in most popular retailers, with plans to expand in the future.

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