5 Best Practices to Better Enjoy Canned Wine in the Holidays

canned wine

There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than being around family and friends while holding a glass of Italian sparkling wine. Even if the typical people rely on a specific occasion to bring out their bottles stored in their wine racks, there shouldn’t be a marvellous gathering to enjoy a single-served can of wine.

Through the emergence of canned wines in the UK, people can now enjoy sipping wine now and then without thinking about excuses to make the habit valid. But how can casual Italian sparkling wine drinkers enjoy the drink better? Here are some ideas.

1. Pair With Amazing Food

Many people are hesitant about drinking any alcoholic drink because they think there isn’t much to pair it with. But if the typical beverage lovers are aware of the fantastic things that pair well with wine, then sparkling wine through cans shouldn’t be an exception.

The most common food that friends and family usually enjoy during the holiday seasons includes cheese, bread and even desserts. Although some food items match with beer, red or white wines, sparkling wine is a fantastic choice because it has sweeter flavours that integrate with these food items.

2. Chill Before Serving

Even if drinking wine out of cans became a trendy thing for everyday people, there’s no doubt that the wine will seem flat in taste. The best way to enjoy the drink more is to chill the can before serving.

Some people chill the can in the refrigerator, while others prefer leaving it in the freezer. Although it is normal for the can to warm up before serving, it is advisable to sit in the freezer for at least 15 minutes before serving it.

3. Try Different Variants

Not all sparkling wines taste the same. Different bottling companies have other methods to age their wine and make it taste as good as possible. The best way to know which Italian sparkling wine goes with what food is to go through the manufacturer’s website and learn about their different products and pairings possible.

Once finished learning about the different products and their flavour notes, you can search for restaurants that serve the drinks to order them. Not only will you be able to enjoy a bottle of Italian sparkling wine, but you might also learn more about the differences between it and other sparkling wine drinks.

4. Pour Into Glasses Before Serving

Pouring the chilled Italian sparkling wine into glasses before serving can make all the difference in the world. You’re essentially giving the wine a chance to breathe and open up. The aromas are released faster, and the initial flavours will be much milder and better.

5. Drink Moderately

As mentioned earlier, people tend to view wine as a drink for formal occasions taken in small amounts. But people who drink wine daily often drink smaller amounts. They know their tolerance, and they see the wine works well with their body. Those who are new to the drink or who drink it rarely have to be careful.

Drinking wine is not taboo anymore. With the emergence of canned wine, people no longer have to go to wine shops or even the market just to buy a bottle of wine. While it’s great that more people are becoming aware of the drink and its many benefits, it is essential to be still cautious about drinking. People should observe moderate consumption for both everyday and casual drinkers.

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